Spring is Sprung, Almost

bryants-house-color spring

So sick of waiting for Spring to finally Sprung already…

It’s Las Vegas, we getting STILL MORE RAIN, and it’s actually getting colder instead of warmer. What’s the deal? I really feel it’s upside down weather year like my previous post.

So…here’s something I’ve been noodling with for a few weeks, off and on. I’ll typically spend about 15 minutes adding to it then move on to an actual job. I’ve gotten to a point where it’s mostly colored and has some texture. The house is based on my childhood home. It has a sorta “Family Guy” look about it, though I’ve drawn houses in this perspective for years.

I like the way it’s going, but I wish I would have used a ruler and vanishing points rather than freehanding it on a scrap piece of photocopy paper. I’ll be continuing to add to it for you. I may even redraw it correctly and change it each season. For those who have problems with eyesight or nostalgia, here’s a few details in the pic: Banana-Yellow SLIP ‘N’ SLIDE, Yard JARTS, Badminton, Box car building, Kite Eating Tree, and my DOG GATSBY tied up in the backyard. Cardinals are on the roof.

Anyhow, maybe this will brighten your day. I shouldn’t be complaining; at least Vegas isn’t under a foot of snow!

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Inspiration: Inspired by Spring failing to Spring up, Yard Jarts (Darts), and childhood carefree days of spring.

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