Dinosaur Dictionary


The Printed Complete Dictionary a Dinosaur?

“Why would anyone prefer some e-thingy over the full 20 VOLUME set of the Dictionary?”

Could it be true? Is the paper dictionary a dinosaur? Here’s some interesting dictionary facts and you can decide.

The current dictionary is in only its Second Edition
There are 291,500 Entries in the Dictionary with word origins and meanings
The current Dictionary full Volume is 20 books, and weighs 137lbs.
A Team of 80 Lexicographers  are currently hard at work on the 3rd Edition
The current Dictionary (second edition) was published in 1989

All this came up because the publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary have announced that the 3rd Edition may never actually be printed. The 3rd edition is still only 28% finished (sheesh!) and by the time it’s completed, paper printing on major volumes such as this will never make economic sense.  They also confirm the ONLINE Dictionary is viewed 2 million times a month.

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