Cartoon Republican Democrat Thanksgiving Dinner


Cartoon Republican Democrat Thanksgiving Dinner

Do you have a family of mixed political backgrounds? For a stress-free Thanksgiving holiday, my advice is to stay away from the Political topic. Democrats and Republicans go together like mashed potatoes and dynamite.

These are some of my personal observations of the Democratic and Republic Party viewpoints from cartooning over the years. Let the hatemail begin.


Thank Big Business who brought you this great feast!

Thank the President for CREATING the lean times!

If you get SICK it’s your OWN fault!

Thank the Corporations for Creating this Holiday! Thank the 2nd Amendment that allowed the Farmer to Freely Shoot this Bird!

Thank the Parents who brought us together today!


Thank the Oversight Committee who regulated the cooking of the bird!

If we get food poisoning, the E.R. bill should be Free for everyone!

Thank the Government for providing FDA Standards!

Thank the President for Struggling through the lean times!

Thank Gun Control laws that kept the farmer from shooting!his neighbor!

Thank the Government who Knows what’s best for Parents!

And for my art-friends, here’s an enlargement of the art.


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Republicans and Democrats sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner. Each political party shares viewpoints.

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