Back to the Future- Stock Market Style Cartoon


Back to the Future- Stock Market Style Cartoon

Read an amazing article in USA Today. Imagine you had the foresight to invest $10,000 in the best performing stock each year from 2006 to today, rolling the profits over each year…you’d have an astounding $178 Million Dollars!

The FIRST thing that came to mind was Back to the Future, Marty McFly, and of course the DeLorean Time Machine. Today’s cartoon is a Back to the Future Parody. Poor Drew Struzan, original artist and genius movie poster creator must groan and roll his eyes every time he sees a knockoff. My hat’s off to you Drew.

It’s true, according to Matt Krantz. Here’s the excerpt and the Article

“Had you had the amazing luck to pick the best stock each year,
your total price appreciation and winning stock each year
would have been (according to Standard & Poor’s Capital
IQ and USA TODAY research):

• Best of 2006: CorVel (CRVL), 275.8% gain

• Best of 2007: First Solar (FSLR), 795.2% gain

• Best of 2008: Emergent BioSolutions (EBS), 416% gain

• Best of 2009: Select Comfort (SCSS), 2,508% gain

• Best of 2010: Entropic Communications (ENTR), 293.5% gain Imagine investing $10,000 at the start of 2006 in that year’s best stock, CorVel, and then moving your money each year to the following year’s best stock. The value of the portfolio would have grown at the end of each year to:

• 2006: $37,580

• 2007: $336,529

• 2008: $1,736,490

• 2009: $45,287,659

• 2010: $178,206,938

Yes, you read that right. If you picked the best stock of each year, your $10,000 investment would be worth $178.2 million in just five years. That’s an average annual return of 608%. Not bad.”

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Inspiration: A Back to the Future Movie poster parody about playing the stock market and time travel. The DeLorean is featured.

Process: Sketched on the Modbook

Time: Pencil: 15 minutes, Color: 30 Minutes

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