Alien Spaceport Bar Cartoon

Joes Spaceport Bar Cartoon desktop

Wretched hive of Scum and Villainy Alien Spaceport Bar

Finally done with the cartoon Spaceport Bar I introduced you to a week ago. This is the final Image. I treated it a few different ways. Below are some samples of what I thought were finished until I changed my mind…

Joes Spaceport Bar Cartoon c

This alien spaceport bar cartoon has less noise and fog. I also ‘turned off the dramatic lighting’. I took this image, which really could be called done, and added a hand-drawn layer of diffused light. The final image gives you the feeling that the light overhead is shining through horizontal grates, almost as thought the whole alien spaceport bar is underground.

And here’s a quick behind the scenes look at a sketch in progress.


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