The Pump Fake


Sport Driving Maneuver #113, the PUMP FAKE

I see this type of driving maneuver nearly every day. Too impatient to wait an extra 60 seconds at the traffic light?…No problem, just cut through the adjacent gas station, quickie mart, or parking lot!

In case you ever wondered, this is, indeed, illegal. You;ll find this in most State driving statutes:

Avoidance of traffic control device prohibited. An operator may not operate a motor vehicle through a parking area to avoid obeying or conforming to the requirements of a traffic control device.

So be kind, rewind!

For the art folks, this was drawing with a .02 technical pen (something I almost NEVER do). Scanned and colored in Photoshop using washes with a Wacom.

P.S. “Pump Fake” is actually a basketball term.

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A cartoon showing a car driver avoiding a traffic signal by driving through a gas station parking lot.

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