Public Swimming Pools Can Be Hazardous to your Health


Public Swimming Pools Can Be Hazardous to your Health

Parents: Do you stress the importance of your kids washing their hands before eating and after using the restroom? How about showering before entering a swimming pool? A University of Michigan poll of nearly 1000 elementary school kid Parents discovered that only 26% of them felt it necessary to shower before entering a pool.

Parents don’t seem to understand the risk of waterborne illness. Over 10,000 Americans annually contract one of many recreational water illnesses. Coming in contact with, or swallowing contaminated water can cause diarrhea, vomiting cramps, fever, eye-skin-or ear infections.

Read the full story over here at USATODAY.

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Inspiration: Funny daily cartoon illustrating the dangers of public swimming pool. Individual hygiene makes pools safe for kids.

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