Justin Beaver I Mean Justin Beiber Cartoon

Justin Beiber Justin Beaver

Justin Beaver I Mean Justin Bieber Cartoon

He’s Canadian, 16 years old, a You Tube sensation,and currently a POP Star. He’s got a cute button nose and luxurious hair that 12-year-olds and Grandmas go Gaga over. This means every 13-18 Year old boy who wants to keeps his current girlfriend needs to add shampoo (hopefully a kind that also strips the fake black coloring), the skilled feathering of a 1970’s hairstylist, and bangs shaped like a WWII infantry helmet to his look. And unfortunately for the kids with the skinny jeans-skater looks, they’ll have to add a button down cardigan knock-off and a digital wristwatch to their all-black wardrobe.

I guess we can be thankful the skinny jeans haven’t evolved into spandex or something. Gah!

And he popped onto my radar today because, reportedly, his YouTube video is THE MOST WATCHED VIDEO in the history of the internet streaming video service. He even beat out Lady Gaga (Is that a real name?)  and something called “Charlie bit my finger – again!” at 250,ooo,000 streams (250 million).

This caricature (cartoon) of Justin Bieber (Justin Beaver) is a Photoshop CS5 original, took about 10 agonizing minutes and looks nothing like the kid.

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A caricature of POP Singer Justin Bieber. Beiber stands at a microphone, dancing and singing.

Inspiration: YouTube is on fire with Justin Bieber, the Beaver-faced kid

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