Hurricane Irene Flooding Aftermath Cartoon


Hurricane Irene Flooding Aftermath Cartoon

“We can at least thank GOD that Hurricane Irene wasn’t as destructive as the Obama Economy!”

‘Cleanup begins in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Destruction less than predicted.’

It’s good news for those on the East Coast…Hurricane Irene started it’s threats as category 2, but slowed down to just a tropical storm as it eventually made it way northward along America’s East Coast. As I write this, it’s just passing over New York, and brings with it destructive strong winds and heavy amounts of rain….but Irene isn’t ripping buildings and skyscrapers out of the ground. So New Yorkers breathe a sigh of relief as Hurricane Irene passes with small incident.

There will be naysayers that will criticize the Mayor of New York- Michael Blomberg- for evacuating so many people and shutting down mass transit. But you cannot count on Mother Nature. Bloomberg made the hard decisions , and they were the right ones. Now it’s cleanup time.

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Inspiration: Daily cartoon featuring the destructive force of Hurricane Irene and her hurricane aftermath. Cleanup begins but spirits remain low.

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