God Sent You An Angel Cartoon Heart Shaped Box


God Sent You An Angel Cartoon Heart Shaped Box

Today’s cartoon is a tale of experience, drama, heartbreak , love and failure.

God Sent you an Angel for a Wife,

and she comes with abstraction Manual

Wants just to be held sometimes

Someone to share her heart with

Someone to Trust Completely

Passionate about life

Compassionate to all

Loves to Laugh

Demands Loyalty

Protect her from Harm

Communicate emotionally

Communicate in the silences

Learn everything about her

Understand her deepest desires

Help fulfill her wishes

Cherish HerWalk by her Side through all things

Never leave herTrust her with your heart

Don’t be afraid to Cry

Share the Vulnerabilities

Become her Best Friend

Treat her tenderly

Remember the PassionGive her space and light to grow

Support her ideas

Listen to her in all things.

Remember the Magic

LEARN HOW she likes to be loved

Never forget how beautiful she is

Tell you her you LOVE her every single Day.

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