Evolution of life on Gliese 581g


Evolution of life on Gliese 581g

So you’ve heard they just discovered a new planet among the hundreds found all the time, but with a difference. This planet, designated 581g, is considered a Garden Planet, with a remarkable 100% probability for the existence of life. Scientists claim the probability for water is extremely high, and thus, where there exists water, exists life (based on our carbon based lifeform model).

They already postulate quite a bit of information based on telescopic readings. Here’s the highlights:

  • 20.5 Light years away (120 million miles)
  • Orbits a low energy Red Dwarf called Gliese 581, which outputs about 1/3 of our sun’s power
  • Gliese 581g, if it rotates at all, turns only minimally. This means one side of the planet is always night, and cold (-25 degrees F) and the other side always hot (160 degrees F) , white the terminator where the two sides meet can be ideal for life forms of our type.
  • Gliese 581g is about 14 million miles from it’s sun (Earth is 93 million miles from our sun)
  • Terrain is considered rocky
  • Gliese 581g orbits its sun every 37 days (Earth orbits its sun every 365 days)
  • Gliese 581g is 3-4x the mass of Earth, which could mean slightly higher gravity
  • Gliese 581g has a radius of 1.3 to 2x that of Earth’s
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A cartoon concept of life evolving on newly discovered Gliese 581g. A cartoon alien walks his dog

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