Brees Wins Super bowl 44

brees wins superbowl

Drew Brees , Superbowl MVP, Wins Superbowl 44

Final Score New Orleans Saints 31 ,  Indianapolis Colts 17

In case you’re living under a rock, but also have a computer and internet connection, and didn’t watch it, Drew Brees is Superbowl XLIV (44th) MVP, bringing the New Orleans Saints victory and the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Here he is as a ’saint’ branding a beaten colt. I’m not a fan of animal cruelty folks, having 4 dogs, 2 cats and kids…it’s just a cartoon using their Mascot.

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Describe how badly Drew and the Saints beat up the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl.

Inspiration: Super Bowl 44 and Drew Brees' MVP performance as quarterback.

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